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Increase Sales & Boost Your Company’s Productivity

Mobile apps developed specifically for your company can greatly increase sales by providing a direct path for users to purchase products or find out about promotions on their mobile device. They can also help you track and manage people/projects that are out working in the field, and much more! Having your very own mobile app opens up limitless growth potential for your business, not to mention long term cost savings.


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Endless Possibilities

All of the mobile apps we develop are 100% custom coded to meet your businesses needs. Nothing is canned. Just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen. Some examples of apps we have developed or are currently work on:


Hotel Room Reservation System

This client needed a way to help storm response crews find hotel rooms during natural disasters that they were responding to. The app will allow crew foremen to look for hotel rooms in the area they are going to and book their crew members into appropriate rooms.

The backend system of this app will allow for report generation for the client’s company to manage their profit margins as well as hotels/rooms.

Employee Time Management

Client wanted a way to track crews that were out in the field, so they could clock in and out without having to use a desktop/laptop. They also wanted to know where the crews were clocking in/out.

We developed an intuitive clock in system using the terminology from their business that would let crews use their own device to log their time. Also, using API’s to gather GPS coordinates, we were able to provide a clock-in/out address for each user.

Receipt Extractor

Many of our clients deal with subcontractors that need to be compensated for their travel expenses (such as hotel rooms, food, and gas). This client was manually adding receipt line items and totals manually in order to compensate their subcontractors.

They wanted a solution that would automate the process, so our solution was to allow their subs to snap pictures of the receipts on their phone and have the app automatically extract the data and place it into the correct database fields for easy reporting. This allowed the client to not only provide a simplier way for their subs to submit data, but also saved on time/money for the company as a whole.

Backend Manager

When we develop a mobile web app for your business, you are getting the complete package. This includes a fully featured and custom coded backend management system, that can provide you with whatever data and tools you need. Since we custom build all apps and backend systems from the ground up, you will be able to have any and all desired features built in for your employees and managers to use.


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